Kantara – A short movie review and some arguments

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If you have arrived on this page, chances are that you have already watched Kantara. It is a story from rural India that has been winnings hearts all over the world. I personally loved it watching it in theatres. I saw many videos about the movie on YouTube and once I came across a video that explained how the rituals shown in the movie are nothing but primitive superstition. The account/ Person who had posted the video is having 1 million subscribers. I strongly feel that Kantata is a movie made for precisely this crop of audience. Among all, the people dismissing generational traditions as superstition are the ones who should watch it and get the message. The message is simple yet powerful. If you don't belong to the place, If you don't understand the reason/ history behind it, then don't speak about it or make others feel guilty about it. I especially liked the way this tussle between the indigenous villagers and the Policeman/ Government has been portrayed in the movie.

There is a certain section of society that thinks, being well-educated, means that they are entitled for giving an opinion on everything. They believe, they are always right just because they can speak/ write in English. India is a huge country having thousands of amazing traditions. Every few miles, the language changes. Every few hundred kilometers, the couisine changes. We as a colletive, should be proud of being born here (I certainly feel so). The people who follow these traditions/ scriptures are particular about it. Their faith and beliefs are an integral part of their life. Coming from a family that also has strong roots in their ancestral village, I have also seen and experienced such rituals since I was a kid.

Why do outsiders have to arrive and comment on it like they know the final truth. They need not tell the indigenous people about what is right and wrong. For many traditions, there are some scientific/ nature conservation aspects. But, people fail to understand it. Critical thinkers don't. Many of the modern keyboard warriors claim to be the followers of Science and dismiss traditions/ rituals because they don't understand it. But I suggest you go out and read what great scientists have to say about our very own scriptures and Sanatan Dharma.

Ofcourse, everyone is allowed to follow his/ her own beliefs when it comes to religion. But, You should not be telling others what to follow and what not to (Especially about something you don't entirely understand) based on your personal opinion or agenda. That's exacly the message given in the movie. Social media influencers and big YouTubers must be aware of this when putting out the content about potentially sensitive topics into the world. Thankfully, more and more people have started to realise their connections to their roots which is a good thing. I hope, there will be more such exceptional movies made on the traditions of rural India. Kantara also beautifully portrayed the intimate details of a very simple village life which took many people back to their childhood. This movie is a living proof that the Indic Reneissance is well and truly kciking off.


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