Pandharpur, Waari, and Me

If you want to see what is pure faith and unadulterated devotion then you must be a part of waari at least once in your life. My eyes welled with tears of joy when I saw people dancing and chanting their god's name without a trace of worry on their face. I saw thousands of people like that (close to 1,50,000 including us). Almost all of them must be having more worries and tension than me.

They're mostly poor or middle class farmers and/or working class people who don't earn handsome amounts of money. But they do waari only for their love of God. No one is paid anything, there is no sophisticated event management, still this large social gathering (that you've probably heard of) is pulled off without difficulties. It is mystical how our worries vanish in this sea of devotion. These people have been walking for 20 days and they're still not tired. People from all walks of life and all age groups are a part of waari. There is no qualification criteria. If you're a devotee, you're automatically a part of it. When I'm a part of waari, I see only happy chaos. I'm eternally grateful to be a part of it.

This was my 2nd time and I got more beautiful experiences again that I'll cherish for life. Waari is all about experiences. Every time I come for waari, it makes me more humble. I think about all the people I see and think about them. I realise that I have no reason to be sad or stressed about life. Because if these people can go through so much hardships in life and still find a reason to be so happy, I have no excuses. I wish to make some substantial contributions towards this cause of waari someday soon. I hope God makes me capable of it.

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